MahaGanapathi Utsav Samithi

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Inspired by the increasing number of devotees who have been attending SRI RAMA NAVAMI celebrations for the past 18 years in mark of their devotion to LORD SRIRAMA the New Organised Samithi decided to bring the “OMNIPOTENT LORD GANESH” to MIDLANDS, U.K. and so formed a new Samithi called LORD MAHAGANAPATHI UTSAV SAMITHI. As a Samithi we are devoted to provide and organise an Utsav (Celebration) environment for all people interested in celebrating Vinayaka Chavithi (Ganesh Chaturthi) in Midlands, UK. An opportunity to pray, share Prasad and enjoy cultural programs together.

"This year GANESH CHATURTHI will be celebrated on Sunday, 08th September 2019 in Birmingham Pragathi Mandal"

Our Aim.

As members of LORD MAHAGANAPATHI UTSAV SAMITHI our aim is to create a spiritual significant environment for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in MIDLANDS, UK where invaluable spiritual benefits like the indescribable experience of the Deity’s (Lord Ganesha’s) presence, Inner peace (Shanti), Bliss (Anand), etc., are attained from the celebration"

Our Work.

We would like to celebrate this first year of LORD MAHAGANAPATHI Festival Celebrations with high energy. Our motto is to inspire and motivate people in and around MIDLANDS, in UK and work as a community together.

By involving in the Religious Celebrations it helps people experience life in all its richness and demonstrate God’s true love. Our Samithi extends to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, Gender, Age, Race, Community, Locality or ethnic background.

We took the lead to organise and celebrate LORD MAHAGANAPATHI UTSAVALU in MIDLANDS and intend to continue to celebrate other different Festivals that come throughout the year.